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You Can Cry (And Other Lullabies) CD


Gamine's second album, a selection of lovely lullabies.

Track listing:

1. You Can Cry
2. Brave And Kind
3. Hush
4. Summer
5. Ring
6. Motet
7. Rockaway
8. Don't Go To Sleep
9. Swaying Your Way
10. Love Having Love
11. The Sky's Eyes
12. Tu Peux Pleurer

The UK version also includes the Super 8 promo films for Motet and The Sky's Eyes. The Japanese version includes, instead of the videos, three bonus tracks: Sabotage, Oh, Mon Chéri! and Oh, What A Kiss! (all recorded live in Moscow).

If you prefer to download or listen to the album, pay a visit to: gamine.bandcamp.com/album/you-can-cry-and-other-lullabies

If you live in Japan, please buy our CD here / 日本に住んでいる場合は、ここで私たちのCDを購入してください。: kilkstore.com/cd/pg267.html