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About Gamine

Gamine have been winning over the hearts and minds of stylish and intelligent pop fans the world over for a while now. Our live shows have even been known to make grown men and women cry. 

We released our first album, 'Sabotage' in 2003 in the UK (and in parts of Europe early in 2006), and our second album, 'You Can Cry (And Other Lullabies)' in 2010 (in Japan in 2012). Two pop singles, 'My Virgin Summer' and 'Westport Lake' are also still available from us in limited quantities.

Anyway… we were rummaging around in the Gamine cupboards and came to the conclusion that we should really try and find good homes for the remaining bits and pieces we discovered. We have some T-shirts - lots of different colour combinations and sizes, but in extremely limited quantities - and some CDs, also in limited quantities. When they're gone, they're gone!

In the meantime, if you would prefer to download our music instead of buying CDs, feel free to pop over to our bandcamp site here: http://gamine.bandcamp.com

For more Gamine activity: